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Can You Guess Who These Frosted Tips Belong To?


#1: There are no rules!

#2: Match the frosted tips below with the celeb who’s wearing them!


Ding ding ding! This wave of frosted tips lives on one of TV’s hottest stars. “Save” yourself and check out his show. Who is it?!

It’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar!


This man is without a doubt on the most bedroom walls out of any other person on this list. His heartfelt lyrics and irrestitable style have made him a household name.

It’s Justin Timberlake!


This frosted diva hosts her own wildly popular talk show. She (and her red glasses) have been called the “face of daytime television.” Who is it?!

It’s Sally Jesse Raphael!


This rising star might just have gotten his hair inspiration from his equally famous brother. He’s currently taking the world by storm with his “sweet” hit single. Who is it?!


These awesome frosted tips are the signature style of this controversial rapper. He’s taken the world by storm with his daring rhymes and his penchant for introducing himself. Who is it?!


Never afraid to try something different, “The Flirty One,” as his fans call him, took the road less traveled and dyed his ‘tips red. Who is this Italian Stallion?!

It’s Joey Fatone!


One of the world’s hottest rockstars, you probably hear this frosted dude’s songs almost every morning. Who is this “fly” guy?!


This Southern boy has some of the fiercest ‘tips in the biz. Him and his band have burst onto the scene with some of the best, most heartfelt songs of the decade. He likes partying and Michelle Pfeiffer. Who is it?!

It’s Nick Lachey!


These rad tips sit on top of one of hockey’s baddest players. How bad is he? Well, he’s a member of a group called the “Legion of Doom!” Who is it?!


The youngest member of his “larger than life” group, this frosted fellah also goes by Messy Marvin, Charlie Brown, and Nickles. Here’s a big hint: he’s got a brother! Who is it?!

It’s JTT!

These sick tips manifest themselves on on of TV (and film’s) hottest stars. He likes drinking milk and the movie “Forrest Gump.” Who is this rising star?!


These flowin’ tips belong to one of television’s hottest vixens. Let’s just say it’s the dream of many dudes to get “friendly” with her. Who is it?!


These tips just burst onto the scene recently and let’s just say they have a certain thing for ladies into Abercrombie and Fitch. Who do these nasty tips belong to?!


If JTT isn’t your cup of latte, then this dude might be more your style. He’s older, more rebellious – and blonder. Who is it?!


These sick tips might just be a little familiar…

Surprise! It’s Justin again!


This is an easy one! This dude loves to be different. I mean just look at his hair! He loves wearing goggles, spinning records, and green M&Ms. Who is it?!

It’s Chris Kirpatrick!


These frosted tips take their residence on a cool cat who’s nickname is “Scoop” and who is the baby of his widely popular music group. The big question on everybody’s mind is who will be the lucky girl to date him. He enjoys jet-skiing, Mad About You and astronauts. Who is it?!

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