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Britain Have Dropped Their First Bombs On The Islamic State

Just hours afterMPs in the House of Commons voted397 to 223 in favour of airstrikes,RAF Tornado jets dropped the first bombs on Syria last night.

Targeting the Omar oil fields – believed to be a huge source of revenue for ISIS – the strikes were reported to have been successful, with all four jets returning intact to theRAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon spoke in favour of the strikes:

“Britain is well up the hit-list for Daesh terrorists. We are already a target and we have got to do something about this now.”

David Cameron also applauded the decision of MPs to vote in favour of airstrikes, saying:

“Britain is safer tonight because of the decision that the House of Commons has taken.”

Not everybody, however, agrees with the Prime Minister. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is stridently against this intervention, petitions from the public condemning the bombings have amassed thousands of signatures, and#dontbombsyria has been trending on Twitter.

It is feared that these strikes will only serve to radicalise Syrians who have nothing to do with ISIS, and willworsen the refugee crisis, as innocent civilians flee the bombings.

A French journalist, held hostage by ISIS for ten months, has even said that these bombings are ‘a trap’. He described them as ‘fuelling our enemies’, as bombing Syrians will – in his opinion – drive them into the arms of ISIS.

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