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Why Christmas Birthdays Are The Worst

1. All your friends are home with their families, so you can forget a birthday party. View this image › / Via Look, I am happy for you that you get to see your mom, but can we please go drinking? 2. Or if they’re around, there are so many holiday parties people…

Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner On Fire

Well, they found MacGyver’s long lost brother. How’d they find him? Video has surfaced of him vacuuming a fire up. At first, it looks like it’s working. Then-oh crap!-the vacuum catches fire. But he’s resiliant, and keeps on cleaning the fire up, until, amazingly, it’s gone.    Read more:

One Congressman Hits The Gay Marriage Debate On The Head With A Powerful Statement

John Lewis is not just any U.S. politician. He’s the only living member of the “Big Six” leaders of the American civil rights movement. And he’s got a few important points to make about LGBTQQ rights as well. // Read more:

A Saudi Woman’s Historic Judo Match, In Pictures

View this image › MIGUEL MEDINA / Getty Images Shaherkhani almost didn’t compete, because judo’s governing body didn’t want her to wear a hijab. They found a compromise in time. View this image › TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / Getty Images She became the first Saudi woman ever to compete in an Olympic event. Runner Sarah Attar…

Bruce Springsteen Covers ‘Royals’ By Lorde

The Web has finally moved on after obsessing over Lorde’s hit single Royals for what seemed like forever.  But the song is buzzing again online after video of rock star Bruce Springsteen covering the tune hit the web.  Andy Taylor was at the Springsteen concert in Auckland, New Zealand and captured the cover performance on video which is now…