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Are You Addicted To Bubble Tea?

Must drink and chew at the same time.

    1. ✓ I know what bubble tea is.
    2. ✓ I like bubble tea.
    3. ✓ I love bubble tea.
    4. ✓ Bubble tea is my lifeblood.
    5. ✓ I like drinking something I can chew.
    6. ✓ I drink bubble tea at least once per week.
    7. ✓ I drink bubble tea at least twice per week.
    8. ✓ I have gotten bubble tea twice or more in one day.
    9. ✓ I don’t know how often I drink bubble tea. I’ve lost track, OK?
    10. ✓ I know where all the best bubble tea spots are.
    11. ✓ I know where the closest bubble tea source is to me right now.
    12. ✓ I liked bubble tea before it was cool.
    13. ✓ I have a strategy for getting the bubbles through the straw.
    14. ✓ I have strong opinions about tapioca quality, size, and consistency.
    15. ✓ I have made my own bubble tea at home.
    16. ✓ I wish I was drinking bubble tea right now.
    17. ✓ I am drinking bubble tea right now.
    18. ✓ I’ve already had bubble tea once today.
    19. ✓ I’m getting bubble tea right after I finish this quiz.
    20. ✓ I wish bubble tea was more readily available in more places.
    21. ✓ Bubble tea is “my thing.”
    22. ✓ I have been mocked for how much I like bubble tea.
    23. ✓ I often find myself explaining what bubble tea is to other people.
    24. ✓ I often find myself defending my consumption of bubble tea.
    25. ✓ I have had bubble tea instead of a meal.
    26. ✓ Bubble tea is my favorite food/drink.
    27. ✓ If I go too long without bubble tea I feel like I need it.
    28. ✓ I’m worried I drink too much bubble tea.
    29. ✓ I feel like there is no such thing as too much bubble tea.
    30. ✓ I have earned a free bubble tea.
    31. ✓ I have earned a free bubble tea more than once.
    32. ✓ The employees at my local bubble tea joint know me.
    33. ✓ Bubble tea is an important part of my life.
    34. ✓ I would be lost without bubble tea.
    35. ✓ I’m tired of defending my bubble tea choices to others.
    36. ✓ Bubble tea is a lifestyle.
    37. ✓ I just like drinking tapioca balls, OK?
    38. ✓ It’s just so good.
    39. ✓ Leave me alone.

Am I addicted to bubble tea?

Are You Addicted To Bubble Tea?

  1. You’re a bubble tea skeptic. Get out of here. You’ll never understand.

  2. Don’t worry. You’re not addicted…yet. You just know how to appreciate a good thing. Still, some bubble tea WOULD be good right about now, right?

  3. You’re basically a bubble tea expert. You’re right on the edge of addiction though, so be careful. It could overtake your life at any moment.

    Flickr: avlxyz

  4. You are straight up addicted to bubble tea. You’ve surrendered your life over. You and bubble tea have become one.

    FullyFunctnlPhil / Via Flickr: 83626281@N00


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