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7 Music Stars Who Have Performed For Dictators Lead The Daily Links

Sick of the same old Christmas songs? Change it up with one of the 15 best Christmas songs from 2013. – [Fuse]


TV fans lost a lot of beloved characters in 2013: Here’s a video tribute to television’s fallen (warning: MASSIVE spoilers, obviously). – [Vulture]

Ever worry you’re becoming a crazy cat lady? Well, you will never have anything on this Phoenix woman and her feline lair. – [The New York Times]


An emergency C-section is a pretty harrowing experience, so you can imagine how shocked one woman was when doctors found no baby at all. – [Newser]

It’s the holiday season, and chances are you have some sweet vacation: Here are 5 documentaries you should check out on Netflix. – [BroBible]

Most spies keep a very low profile; Then there are these 10 celebrities who did some espionage work on the side. – [mental_floss]

Before you think you’re some sort of magical computer whiz, consult this incomplete list of things that should NOT be considered “hacking.” – [Motherboard]

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