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23 Things You Can Say Good-Bye To Now That Charlie Is Leaving “Girls”

1. The best-looking (and most normal guy) on the show is now going to NOT BE ON THE SHOW.

2. Good-bye, perfection.

3. Good-bye, sensitivity.

4. Good-bye to your curly hair…

5. Good-bye to your no hair that one time.

6. And good-bye to your tan skin.

7. Good-bye to your tight, fitted clothes…

8. And your coy smile.

9. Good-bye to this:

12. Good-bye to your sweet compassion…

13. And also your honesty.

14. Good-bye to you being a member of THIS COMMUNITY.

15. Good-bye to you sitting on that couch and just…being.

16. Good-bye to blow-up kisses…

17. …and mock turtlenecks.

18. Good-bye to your annoyingly frustrating relationship with Marnie.

19. Good-bye to you face-palming because Marnie is doing something stupid.

20. And good-bye to you rubbing your beard because you just face-palmed about Marnie doing something stupid.

21. Good-bye to your belt wearing.

22. And most of all, good-bye to your beautiful stare.

23. Good-bye, you adorable idiot. GOOD-BYE.

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