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20 Cool KGB Cold War Spy Devices

1. Gun fires a dual cyanide charge that kills almost instantly. KGB officer Bogdan Stashinsky assassinated two Ukranian dissidents living in Germany using one hidden inside a rolled-up newspaper.*

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2. Dead Drop Spy Bolt: Designed to sneak messages.

3. For covert entries: decoder lock picks for more sophisticated locks.

4. 4.5mm single shot lipstick gun, circa 1965.

5. Telephone monitoring equipment.

6. Authentic KGB disappearing ink pen.

7. Document photographing

8. Glove pistol. Developed by the US Navy*, it was later copied by the KGB. To fire the pistol, the wearer pushed the plunger into the foe’s body.

*Info via.

9. For copying door keys.

10. Hollow coin for concealing microfilm.

11. The “Passive Bug”

Vadim Fedorovich Goncharov the KGB’s equivalent of ‘Q’ from the Bond movies, created the bug. One such device was planted inside the large wooden replica of the Great Seal of the United States given by the Soviets to the US Ambassador to the USSR in 1945. It wasn’t discovered until eight years later.

12. Camera hidden inside of a coat jacket.

13. Pen camera.

14. Case safely concealed an AK-47.

15. Cufflinks with recessions to hide microfilm. Circa mid-1950s.

16. The jacket button compass

17. A transmitting device inside of a heel, used for tracking

18. Pilot/parachuting boots that turn into civilian shoes. Cool.

19. Steineck ABC Wristwatch Camera. Circa 1949. Made in Germany, used by the KGB.

20. Poison dart-shooting umbrella.

A similar umbrella was used to kill Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov on the streets of London in 1978.
Markov was waiting for a bus to go to work when he felt a sting on the back of one leg and turned to see a man lifting an umbrella from the ground. He died three days later of poisoning from ricin. An autopsy uncovered a pellet the size of a pinhead embedded in his leg (source linked below).

21. This guy, a former KGB agent, knows a little something about covert killing.

22. If you love real spy action (not Bourne bullshit), and you haven’t seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, see it. Gary Oldman as MI-6 agent George Smiley is phenomenal.

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