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14 Reasons eBooks Rule At Christmas

14. It’s 11:59pm on Christmas Eve

Omg you literally only have ONE minute to shop

13. The parking lot at the mall is a zoo

Kangaroos are the LEAST of your problems

12. Beat baggage fees at the airport

Take a stance against those pesky airline fees!

11. Wrapping presents can be dangerous

Packaging tape HURTS!

10. In fact, you don’t have to buy wrapping paper!

Make Mother Earth happy!

9. Avoid the hordes of shoppers at the mall


8. You can spend more time eating Christmas cookies

nom nom nom

7. There’s a blizzard and you can’t go outside

More couch time!

6. Trick a kid into thinking it’s a handheld game

Aha! SIKE it’s a book!

5. So your dog won’t eat the packing supplies

Not this year!

4. So your cat won’t have somewhere to hide

Sneak attack!

3. Time is running out!

Ain’t nobody got time…well, you know

2. Because there are such great deals on ebooks!

Because there are such great deals on ebooks!

1. Start reading a new series for only $2.99 here: Bloomsbury Series Starters! Then you can ask Santa for book two for Christmas

But none for Gretchen Weiner

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