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14 Of The Most Baffling Journalist Requests Ever

Public relations professionals get a hard time from journalists.

All those press releases, all the time, plus the follow-up “Did you get my press release?” phone calls? Give us a break. But it’s not as if journalists don’t come up with the occasional unreasonable request themselves, many of them made on the #journorequest hashtag on Twitter.

1. There’s the speculative, but very specific request.

2. They can get very specific.

3. Journalists can be perfectionists, you see.

Flickr: smemon – Creative Commons licence / Via Twitter: @UKtraveleditor

“I want gourmet haunted hotels, not just any haunted hotel!”

4. But sometimes the more general the request, the better.

5. Then there’s when journalists ask PR people to go that extra mile.

In this case they were disappointed.

6. Some requests seek rare disorders and phobias – as if to say, hey, you may as well cash in on your fear of flying.

Flickr: mukerji – Creative Commons Licence / Via Twitter: @Gysin5

7. ‘CAN YOU SEE DEAD PEOPLE? If so get in touch right away.’

It’s worth saying, by the way, that many of these requests help put together weekly women’s magazines like this, which we love.

8. You could always go for the “anyone willing to get naked?” approach. Just ask your friendly PR for help with…

p.s. What’s a bikini trend expert?

9. Or the good old “anyone had sex with a ghost?” story.

Do I have to have known them previously? Or is that a deal breaker?

10. Always keep it topical.

Flickr: williamsdb – Creative Commons licence / Via Twitter: @helenjcampbell

11. Then there are people looking for evidence to prove something. It must be true right?

12. Some requests aren’t entirely serious.

Flickr: ekvidi Creative Commons licence / Via Twitter: @loveandgarbage

13. If all else fails, just take the charity option.

14. So, in conclusion, people asking for stories on Twitter is pretty annoying.

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