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12 Breathtaking Examples Of Sheet Music Art

1. Music map!

If music is your world, this is perfect for your bedroom wall. Get it here.

2. Abbey Road

Ooh, nice use of ~negative space~. Available for purchase here.

3. “The Cats Symphony,” Moritz von Schwind

When a cat walks across a piano, it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Here’s the figurative version of that adorable phenomenon.

4. “Sheet Music Drawings & Quantum Mechanics,” Jared Theis

This one’s a bit more abstract, but also very tasteful.

5. People!

Russian artists People Too created a series of these well-populated illustrations on sheet music.

6. Owls that are totally in love

You can scoop up these little wiseguys here.

7. Rainbows

This seems like it would be an easy DIY, but if you like this one specifically, get it here.

10. Biiiiiiirds!

Etsy is flush with this kind of bird sheet music art, if that’s your thing.

11. Elephants

And if you prefer pachyderms, these rad guys are a good option. Get ‘em here.

12. Or just go all the way with this idea and get the King of Pop!

This Michael Jackson print seems especially fitting to this medium. Available here.

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